FIBA Rules 2010 - Backcourt Violation - Your Decision (11-0071)

FIBA RULES - Art. 28 Eight Seconds 28.1.2 The team has caused the ball to go into its frontcourt whenever: A) The ball touches or is legally touched by an offensive player who has BOTH FEET in contact with his frontcourt, B) During a dribble from the backcourt to the frontcourt, both feet of the dribbler and the ball are in contact with the frontcourt. IN THESE TWO SITUATIONS, YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN = A) PLAYER HOLD THE BALL --- B) PLAYER DRIBBLING. LOOK THIS SITUATION IN FIBA INTERPRETATION 2010: ART. 28 - EIGHT SECONDS STATEMENT 3 - Example 3: A2 is dribbling the ball from his backcourt and has one (1) foot (but not both feet) already in the frontcourt. After that A2 passes the ball to A1, who is straddling the centre line. A1 then starts to dribble the ball in his backcourt. Interpretation: Legal play. A2 does not have both feet in his frontcourt and therefore is entitled to pass the ball to A1 who is also not in his frontcourt. A1 is therefore entitled to dribble the ball in the backcourt. The eight (8) second count shall continue. ================================== FIBA AMERICAS REFEREE EDUCATION FACEBOOK TWITTER E-MAIL FIBA AMERICAS REFEREE - IN ENGLISH FIBA AMERICAS REFEREE - EN ESPAÑOL FIBA AMERICAS REFEREE - EM PORTUGUÊS YouTube - FIBA AMERICAS ARBITRO YouTube - FIBA AMERICAS REFEREE FIBA AMERICAS REFEREE WEBSITE FIBA AMERICAS WEBSITE"

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0071 11 Decision Your Violation Backcourt 2010 Rules FIBA

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